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Posting and Content

Review our Terms of Service before posting on the forums!

All rules are subject to change and each warning is investigated and weighed before implemented. If you are unsure if you are breaking the rules, never hesitate to private message a moderator or admin for assistance.

Falsification of Birthdays: Pantheon Online maintains an age restriction of 16 years or older for general forum usage and 18 years or older for the 18+ subforum. Falsification of birth dates in order to gain access to Pantheon or the 18+ forum is strictly forbidden and will be cause for suspension of account access until the user's 16th and 18th birthday, respectively.

Spamming:Creating content that holds little value to the current conversation/topic/forum at hand is considered off topic conversation and prohibited. Offending posts may be edited or removed without notice.

In the Discussion, Bug Reports, Feedback, and Question & Answer Forums, low content posts such as replies containing only emoticons, images, few words, or generally do not further the discussion are not allowed.

Consecutive Posting Posting more than three times in concession is also considered spam unless under the following circumstances:

• Securing the front page of a shop, hangout, or charity; in total, 10 posts with the addition of a confirmation to post.
• Reviving or bumping an owned thread. See "necro-posting" for more information before reviving or bumping a thread!
• 24 hours have past since your last post in that thread.

Visit each individual forum rules for more information on posting in that forum.

Duplicate Threads: Do not create multiple threads about the same topic. This includes topics that you have made as well as topics that others have made. Any duplicate threads will be recycled.

Advertising: Using Pantheon to promote your product, service, website or any other commercial venture is strictly prohibited. Any content found to be advertising a commercial venture will be removed at Pantheon’s discretion. Links to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Deviant Art/Art Portfolios, etc. are permitted in your signature and/or profile so long as the aforementioned pages are not devoted exclusively to advertising another product.

Botting Pantheon Online grants small amounts of currency just for browsing the site. Over time this can accumulate to a large amount of currency. Using a third party tool or extension to automate your activity on Pantheon Online in order to increase the amount of currency earned is strictly prohibited. Any users caught using these programs to exploit the currency system of Pantheon Online can and will be banned.

Post Formatting: While we encourage users to express themselves while posting, we maintain the following standard of formatting: Readable colors and fonts and/or moderate use of bright colors, font sizes and styles. This includes excessive usage of "invisible" text to hide text, offensive or not.

Post formats will be moderated at Pantheon’s discretion and you may be asked to resize your images, change colors, etc. If you fail to do so, Pantheon reserves the right to remove and/or edit your post style without further notice.

Necro-posting”: Necro-posting is defined as posting in a topic which has not been active for 2 months. Users should not post within inactive forums unless the following circumstances are met:

• Topic owner revives the thread.
• The topic resides within the Shop, Hangout, Roleplay, Journal, or Exchange/Trade forums.

If your topic is locked due to inactivity, you may request an unlock via a support request which can be reached by clicking the Support button within the site footer or using this link. If a topic of interest is locked or dead, users should only create a new topic if the information can be considered relevant or unique from the previous topic.

“Cybering”: Cybering is defined as “the exchanging of sexual messages or information, whether private or public”. Pantheon has a strict policy against the solicitation or engagement of such activity. First time offenders will receive a 30 day ban from Pantheon depending on the severity of the offense and any further offenses will result in a permanent ban.

Mature Material: Posting any material that is deemed sexually explicit or depicts excessive violence or gore is not permitted. Any violation of this rule will result in a temporary ban of up to 30 days while further violations will result in a permanent ban from Pantheon.

Artistic Nudity: Artistic nudity may be allowed on a case by case basis. If you are unsure of whether your piece is safe to post, please contact a moderator for help. Any off-site links to art with nudity needs to include a NSFW warning.

Harmful Images/Fonts: Images or fonts that have bright flashing colors or lights or images that can cause adverse reactions will be subject for removal without notice. This includes, but is not limited to artwork, screen captures, video media, and excessive use of font styles, sizes, and bright colors.

Profile Content Profile content must follow the sites general rules. Refrain from using bright, flashing images or text and keep your profile easy to navigate for users. Always allow for navigation away from page (ie. Home link on profile).

Offensive Avatar: Avatars depicting overtly pornographic, abusive, or hateful actions or materials are strictly prohibited. For example; while general nudity is allowed, acts of masturbation and further acts of sexual activity are prohibited. Due to the nature of creativity we allow with the avatar system, this rule is subject to some staff discretion.

Member to Member

Harassment: Harassment on Pantheon refers to a repeated behavior against another user, member or guest of Pantheon Online by a single individual or a group of individuals. This Includes continuous attempts at communication, statements intended to threaten or harm, and sharing of inappropriate images or information. Such behavior, including the bullet points bellow, may result in a warning or ban, depending on severity.

Sexual Harassment: Pantheon has a strict no tolerance policy towards sexual harassment. Any users accused of sexual harassment will be investigated and banned should evidence of harassment is present.

Name Dropping: Name Dropping is defined as “referring to a user in a negative manner, with or without the intent to harm.”

If you or someone you know is being harassed, contact an admin/HR via a support request which can be reached by clicking the Support button within the site footer or using this link. Include all information and screenshots available.

Aggressive Behavior: Aggressive Behavior toward a user or staff member is strictly prohibited. Aggressive Behavior is defined as reactionary and/or impulsive behavior with the cause of or intent to cause harm to another person.

Retaliation: Retaliation toward a user or staff member is strictly prohibited. Retaliation is defined as causing or intent to cause harm to a user or staff member who has reprimanded or reported oneself.

Hate Speech: Hate Speech toward a user, staff member, or persons in general is strictly prohibited. Hate Speech is defined as abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Off-Site Trading: The exchange of any goods for goods on another website, platform, or for real currency (e.x. USD) is strictly prohibited and will result in a temporary ban for both parties for up to 30 days depending upon the severity of the infraction. Any further offenses will result in a permanent ban from Pantheon Online.

Scamming: Attempting to trick another member of Pantheon into giving up currency, items, artwork or another product or service without providing the proper payment/exchange is prohibited. The first offense will result in an official warning and a reversal of any and all transactions, a second offense will result in a temporary ban for up to 30 days and a reversal of transactions, and a third offense will result in a permanent ban and reversal of transactions.

Failure to Pay/Provide Service: Failure to pay for any services including but not limited to artwork, writing, music, graphic assets, etc. is considered a form of scamming. Failure to provide a final product after payment is received is also a form of scamming. Violations will result in a temporary ban of up to 30 days. Further violations can result in a permanent ban.

Hacking: Pantheon has a no tolerance policy for the attempted or successful hacking of user or staff accounts or any general function of Pantheon Online to gain currency or items illegitimately. First time offenders will receive a permanent ban.

Abuse of the Support or Report System: Pantheon utilizes the support and report systems to quickly and accurately provide assistance to all players, and the creation of support or report requests to intentionally or unintentionally clog our system may result in a ban of 30 days or more.

Two Mule Rule: Each unique user is allowed a total of two “mule” accounts, which can be utilized for roleplay, storage, and charitable purposes, or general activities within the site (such as games, daily chance, etc). Accounts created in excess of the allotted limit will be banned. First time offenders will receive an official warning while any further offenses will result in a temporary ban or permanent ban respectively.

Siblings/Multiple User Households: Unique users under the same ip address may contact us through the support system which can be reached by clicking the Support button within the site footer or using this link. We do not guarantee the allowance of multiple accounts under one ip address without proof of unique usership.

Copyright Infringement: Any copyrighted materials posted on Pantheon must be the property of the poster. Alternatively, you may acquire permission from the original owner of the content and provide them credit. The sale of copyrighted material for onsite currency is strictly prohibited and is punishable by a temporary or permanent ban of your Pantheon account OR other legal repercussions.

Account Sharing: Account sharing is not prohibited, however, Pantheon is not held responsible for stolen information or online/offline goods. Share accounts at your own discretion.

Asking for Account Information: Asking another Pantheon Online user for their password, email, or otherwise is strictly prohibited and may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Staff Impersonation: Anyone attempting to impersonate any member of the Pantheon staff for any reason is subject to an immediate, permanent ban.

Pantheon Staff WILL NEVER ask for your password under any circumstance.

Exploiting Glitches: Anyone found intentionally exploiting a glitch for personal gain or intended harm will be subject to an immediate, permanent ban. If any glitches or bugs should arise, contact us through the support system which can be reached by clicking the Support button within the site footer or using this link.

NOTE: If your account is banned, you can no longer access any of your virtual belongings. Failure to comply with these aforementioned guidelines will result in the termination of your Pantheon Online account and discontinue your right to access these goods.

Disclaimer: Pantheon Online will not be held responsible for any content created by Pantheon Online members or content via off-site links posted on Pantheon Online. Pantheon Online is not responsible for any lost or stolen content, whether through ban or otherwise.

Last updated: May 4th, 2020 1:13am